Dr. Aina Bergseth

Doctor, specialist in psychiatry, cognitive therapist

We work full days, seven days a week, during the corona pandemi. We offer video consultations and phone consultations. You are also welcome for consultation in our office in Asker. We emphasize to offer consultation within the same day.

Dr. Aina Bergseth is a private practicing psychiatrist. She became a medical doctor in 1993 at the University of Oslo and is a specialist in clinical psychiatry. In addition, she has further education in cognitive therapy. She has many years of experience with psycho-dynamic and pharmacutical treatment in psychiatric illnesses. Dr. Bergseth also has many years of experience with the treatment of mental disorders within several areas of the specialized hospital practice; amongst those geriatric-psychiatry, drug abuse and addiction.

If exposed to a crisis in ones life such as, problems in relationships, bereavement, sorrow, loss of work, burnouts, stress, challenges considering modern large families, low self esteem; talking to a professional may give you the help you need. Experience has shown that talking about your problems with a qualified medical professional can go a long way in helping solve the problem and give you a better quality of life.

I emphasize academic based therapy; combined with individual, effective and flexible solutions. As a medical doctor and psychiatrist I offer my patients an overall health assessment, both physical and mental. In order to uncover physical sicknesses I sometimes refer my patients to other specialists in general medicine. The reason is that mental health problems and disorders can arise as a result of somatic/physical disease.

I offer different treatments such as cognitive therapy and traditional psycho-dynamic therapy. The treatment will be personalized depending on your needs as well as evaluation and possible initiation of medicinal treatment.

My philosophy

One must not have a mental illness or need medication to benefit greatly from talking to a psychiatrist.

We may all come to a point in our lives when we have the need to talk to and get help from a psychologist or a medical doctor/psychiatrist. My philosophy is that one does not need to have either mental illness or to be in the need for medication to appreciate and get a positive experience from talking to a psychiatrist.

What is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who after six years of education at a university medical faculty, one and a half years of internship in general medicine, surgery and general practice, and five years of residency in the field of psychiatry is certified by the government authorities. The residency consists of working as a medical doctor at a variety of different prychiatrical hospital departments, and at the same time following a structured educational program approved by the Norwegian medical association.

The difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist

A psychologist has studied psychology for 6 years at a university. A psychiatrist is thus a doctor who has built on a specialization in psychiatry, in total this education takes a minimum of 12.5 years. The main difference is that a psychiatrist makes an overall assessment of both physical and mental health, and can prescribe medication, request blood tests, refer to X-rays and refer to other medical specialists.