ADHD is a condition characterized by impulsivity and hyperactivity, as well as reduced attention and concentration. The symptoms are often present in social relations, at home, at school or at work, and cause functional difficulties.


If you only experience inattention and concentration difficulties, the condition may be ADD. People with ADD usually do not have behavioural issues in class or socially, and are therefore often not sent for ADHD / ADD examination.


Common symptoms include: 


  • Difficulties completing tasks
  • Difficulties planning and organizing
  • Can easily be distracted
  • Can interrupt others
  • Difficulties with time management
  • Can talk too much relative to the situation
  • May have mood swings and difficulties regulating anger

ADHD / ADD can cause restlessness. If the condition remains untreated, it can develop anxiety, depression, sleep problems and reduced self esteem. Thoughts can wander and be characterized by daydreaming and worries. Multitasking is often difficult, and scheduling using planners or calendars and using alarms with reminders is necessary for many to keep track of everyday life.


Many people with ADHD / ADD do well in school. But they often put a lot more effort into the school work compared to equivalent classmates. If you have received close follow-up from parents/guardians, you are likely to achieve academically lower when this follow-up terminates. Resourceful people are unfortunately often rejected when they reach out for ADHD/ADD examination, as they are often told that they cannot have an ADHD / ADD diagnosis based on good academic results or an apparent well functioning career. We are aware that resourceful people often compensate for their challenges, and thus are not diagnosed.


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ADHD/ADD examination

Privatpsykiater AS offers fast and complete ADHD/ADD examination, medical treatment and individual follow up consultations.
The examination follows Norwegian national guidelines and is carried out entirely by an experienced doctor who is a specialist in psychiatry.


The examination consists of a thorough clinical examination, structured interviews as well as tests and questionnaires, and lasts 10-18 sessions. If preferred, several sessions can be carried out, during each attendance.


After being diagnozed with ADHD/ADD, the patient will be offered customized sessions.


The examination will be terminated if it appears that the patient does not have ADHD/ADD.
There cannot be harmful use of drugs before prescribing ADHD/ADD medication.


Hours 8-15 on weekdays: NOK 2,750 per hour (50 min).
Hours after 3.30pm on weekdays: NOK 2,950 per hour (50min)


The hourly price for ADHD/ADD examination includes administrative work, as well as the doctor being available for guidance regarding the startup of medication through shorter telephone conversations between consultations. This is particularly relevant and important when starting ADHD/ADD medication.

We offer consultations during weekends and on public holidays, with a 50% addition to the price.

The full price is charged for consultations canceled less than 48 hours / 2 working days before the constulation, and for sessions where the patient does not show up. Appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays must be canceled no later than 12:00 noon onThursday, the week before.


Each session will be charged on a bankcard or Vipps when the consultation is over, unless otherwise is arranged. .