Hours 8-15 on weekdays: NOK 2,250 per hour (50 min).

Hours after 15.30 on weekdays: NOK 2,550 per hour (50 min).

I offer consultations on weekends and public holidays, then to a 50% additional fee.

A full price is charged for hours canceled later than 48 hours / 2 working days before the start, and for hours where the patient is absent. Hours on Mondays and Tuesdays must be canceled no later than 12 noon the Thursday before.

Each hour must be paid by bank card or Vipps when the hour is over, unless otherwise agreed.


Prices for ADHD/ADD-examination you can see here.

Aina Bergseth

Privatpsykiater AS

Doctor, specialist in psychiatry and cognitive therapist. There is no need for a referral from a doctor.

I'm here to help you!