Traditional talk therapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy

The patient meets regularly with the therapist and should not prepare for the classes. The patient starts the class by telling about the first thoughts and feelings that appear. The therapist listens attentively to what the patient is saying and comes up with their reflections or open-ended questions that can invite reflection or new questions.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is based on the fact that much of the mental activity in humans takes place in the subconscious. The unconscious processes affect us all the time and can lead to problems that can lead to mental disorders.


Through psychodynamic psychotherapy, the patient can achieve:

  • Improvement of their mental ailments
  • Better self-awareness
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Better interpersonal relationships

All research shows that psychotherapy is effective in mental disorders.

Aina Bergseth

Privatpsykiater AS

Doctor, specialist in psychiatry and cognitive therapist. There is no need for a referral from a doctor.

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